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Providing volunteering services in the area of your expertise to temple is a blessing indeed! Volunteering helps the temple to offer services to the community and brings a feeling of satisfaction and inner peace to the individual.

We have various volunteering opportunities for youth and adults in the area of Gardening, Cooking, Religious Activities, Bhajans, Kids Educations, Yoga and Meditation, Cultural Activities, Setting and clean-up Activities. No kids under age 14 are allowed.

  • Front Desk Help

    During special poojas and functions.

    Contact - Kalpana @561-859-8299


  • Food Distribution

    During special poojas and functions.

    Contact - Aryani @561-779-9362


  • Gardening

    On Weekends and Holidays.

    Contact - Jeyanthi @561-632-4611


  • Other Activities

    During special poojas and functions.

    Contact - Jeyanthi @561-632-4611


  • Canteen Serving Help

    On Saturdays and Sundays from 10:30 am to 2:00 pm.

    Contact - Prabha Raj @954-895-0780